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Our 100% online PALS class is the most convenient, flexible, and cost-friendly way to complete your PALS certification or PALS recertification requirements. Save time and money without sacrificing quality. Sign up now and get PALS certified today!


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The eMedCert Online PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Certification course is built specifically for the demanding lifestyle required of 21st century medical students and healthcare professionals. Our 100% online course gives you control of your PALS Certification – take it when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. Complete your course with efficiency from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Our Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training is accredited through our partnership with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) and also by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CA BRN). We provide AMA, ANCC, ACPE, and ADA continuing education credits, redeemable upon completion of the PALS Certification course.

eMedCert and our PALS materials undergo routine audits by regulatory organizations and 3rd-party clinical teams. Our internal medical team continuously works to ensure compliance, accuracy, and integrity.


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Our PALS Certification course is designed to deliver the best online certification experience that can accompany your busy schedule.

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  • 8.0 AMA, ANCC, ACPE or ADA CME Credits Available

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PALS Class

Pediatric Advanced Life Support, better known as PALS, is a training program that enhances the skills and understanding of healthcare professionals who deal with critically ill or injured infants and children. This advanced level of medical response education is intended for professionals, such as nurses, who play an integral role in the emergency medical care of young people. The best PALS class will help you develop an in-depth knowledge of the lifesaving techniques that are essential in high-pressure pediatric situations.

Today's fast-paced world has given rise to the need for flexible learning options. As such, a PALS course online offers a highly adaptable way to undergo this essential training. These courses allow for the completion of a certification at your pace and around your schedule. This ensures that the quality of care you give is not compromised by the need to fulfill continuing educational needs related to emergency pediatric care. Studying a PALS course online can also be helpful if you want to balance your learning with full-time work or family commitments.

In addition to flexibility, online PALS classes offered on our platform emphasize accurate and quality content. Our courses are audited by staff regularly to maintain the highest educational standards. This attention to detail ensures that the courses we offer are current, applicable, and based on updated guidelines.

As previously mentioned, an online PALS course is convenient because it does not require physical presence in a traditional classroom environment, unlike traditional PALS programs. This aspect of digital learning is more cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient, particularly for busy healthcare professionals whose careers demand a lot from them.

Online PALS also provides learners with invaluable practice opportunities. Providing comprehensive PALS practice modules enables learners to wrap their heads around complex concepts and develop new life-saving skills. This level of PALS training helps hone these skills and increases confidence, resulting in superior outcomes when dealing with real-life pediatric emergencies.

PALS nursing is another integral segment of the courses offered. Ideal for nurses who frequently work with children, our PALS classes ensure these direct healthcare providers are well-equipped to handle emergency scenarios involving young people. The correct application of a range of pediatric-specific interventions and emergency techniques forms the critical focus area of these courses.

While our courses are not American Heart Association (AHA)-certified, it is significant to note that they do adhere to the latest guidelines and standards, providing a meaningful alternative to the AHA programs. Our courses serve as an excellent resource for those healthcare professionals who are not required to obtain their certifications exclusively through the AHA.

Lastly, our PALS courses come with an exclusive PALS Provider Manual, developed in-house by a team of licensed professionals. This resource enables learners to have a comprehensive overview before beginning the course and serves as a handy reference during the program and beyond.

In conclusion, our PALS classes, available online for enhanced convenience and adaptability, offer an integrated learning experience for healthcare providers and an opportunity to be part of a broader mission of saving young lives during critical emergencies.

PALS Certificate

The increasing demands of the medical field require continual learning and development for healthcare professionals. One avenue for continuous growth is securing a PALS certificate.

But what is a PALS certification?

As mentioned earlier, this abbreviation stands for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. In essence, this certification equips nursing and medical practitioners with the expertise for critical interventions during emergencies, particularly involving infants and children.

The importance and appeal of obtaining such a certification cannot be understated. The benefits of a PALS certification range from the professional enrichment of the healthcare provider to the improved quality of care for the patients they serve. As a result, various clinical departments in hospitals, clinics, and elsewhere encourage their personnel to undergo PALS training to secure their PALS license.

As a healthcare professional, pursuing a PALS certification contributes to their professional skills in a valuable way. It provides them not only with theoretical knowledge but also with the practical skills necessary to handle emergencies involving pediatric patients. Particularly, it enables practitioners to effectively assess, identify, and implement evidence-based interventions to improve patient outcomes.

PALS for nurses or other medical practitioners isn’t just a certificate. It is a testament to their commitment to skill enhancement, thereby driving proficiency when dealing with complex clinical scenarios. Furthermore, securing PALS certification showcases the practitioner’s dedication to upholding and ensuring optimal healthcare quality, particularly for pediatric patients.

So, what is the process of obtaining a PALS certificate? Well, it involves rigorous theoretical and practical training within an established set of guidelines. Typically, it begins with the healthcare professional enrolling in a certified PALS course. This program encompasses various components, covering pediatric assessment, essential life-saving interventions, team dynamics, systems of care, and more.

All these components aim to improve the management of critically ill children in a wide range of settings.

A significant advantage of our platform is the flexibility it presents for professionals wanting to complete their PALS certification online. Our internet courses adhere to the most up-to-date PALS guidelines, meeting the high standards that set the benchmark in pediatric care. Furthermore, we ensure that our courses are audited to maintain credibility, reflecting our unwavering dedication to providing a comprehensive PALS program.

To successfully complete a PALS class, learners must undertake a comprehensive examination. Passing this test confirms the healthcare professional's proficiency in life-saving pediatric care, thereby earning them their coveted PALS license. However, the journey doesn’t end with this achievement.

The field of healthcare is dynamic, and so is the PALS certification. This is where PALS recertification comes into the picture. PALS renewal is vital to ensure the skills and knowledge held by a PALS-certified healthcare professional stay current and relevant. This is done by renewing your PALS certificate every two years, which involves undergoing updated training sessions and successfully passing the recertification examination.

In conclusion, obtaining and maintaining a PALS certification is an essential step for every healthcare professional keen on enhancing their competence and confidence in managing pediatric emergencies. Our platform is here to facilitate that journey by offering convenient, comprehensive, and up-to-date PALS courses online, set to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

PALS Online

The progressing digital space has transformed the way healthcare professionals enhance their skills and knowledge. One essential tool is the eMedCert platform, which offers various online certification courses such as PALS. eMedCert also offers online ACLS courses and online BLS courses. All these programs comply with the latest industry guidelines.

In our digital age, where healthcare is ever-evolving, professionals can now keep pace with industry standards without disrupting their busy schedules by taking a PALS online course. Completing your PALS online is a convenient and flexible alternative for healthcare professionals. Its benefits extend well beyond the significant time and cost savings. Practitioners with demanding schedules can now conveniently study course materials at a pace that suits them, maximizing their learning potential.

With eMedCert's online courses, travel to a physical training center becomes a thing of the past, and earned certifications are immediately available upon course completion. Another significant feature of our PALS online class is the ability for providers to renew PALS certification online. Like other medical certifications, PALS certification requires routine renewal to ensure that a healthcare professional's knowledge is not outdated. Our PALS online renewal course is a simple and convenient process that can be completed from the comfort of one's own home or any other preferred location. Upon successfully completing the course, providers have instant access to their renewed PALS certificate, simplifying administrative tasks and saving valuable time for professionals.

eMedCert is committed to delivering quality in every aspect of our services. Thus, our PALS online certification and PALS renewal courses are routinely audited for accuracy and quality assurance.

Our dedicated team of professionals is relentless in their pursuit of excellence, ensuring that the courses adhere to the most recent and relevant guidelines for holistic learning. While not accredited by the American Heart Association, we pride ourselves on delivering courses based on and adhering to the most current AHA guidelines.

PALS renewal is a rigorous process that demands a certain level of preparation and expertise. In line with this, our digital platform offers the option of the PALS online certification. This is an extensive program that offers comprehensive course materials that equip healthcare providers with all the necessary knowledge and skills they need. These materials serve as a solid foundation for professionals new to the certification or those preparing for online PALS recertification.

In conclusion, eMedCert's PALS online classes provide an invaluable resource for healthcare providers seeking convenient, accessible, and credible tools for PALS certification or PALS renewal. Our PALS classes online offer the added flexibility of being taken at a time that suits the learner in a location of their choice. This ensures they can continue providing high-quality care without disrupting their professional and personal schedules.

We follow a comprehensive PALS Provider Manual to ensure our program remains elite and our course offerings are in line with the latest industry standards. This allows us to provide reliable PALS training and resources to healthcare professionals across the globe.