ACLS Certification

ACLS Certification


Discover the convenience and affordability of online ACLS certification courses! Learn how healthcare professionals can save money with eMedCert's courses and get certified or recertified entirely online. Sign up now and get ACLS Certified by the end of the day!


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The eMedCert Online ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Certification course is built specifically for the demanding lifestyle required of 21st-century healthcare professionals and students. Our 100% online course gives you control of your ACLS Certification – take it when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. Complete your course with efficiency from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Credible and Affordable ACLS Certification

Our Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training is accredited through our partnership with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) and also by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CA BRN). We provide AMA, ANCC, ACPE, and ADA continuing education credits, redeemable upon completion of the ACLS Certification course.

eMedCert and our ACLS materials undergo routine audits by regulatory organizations and 3rd-party clinical teams. Our internal medical team continuously works to ensure compliance, accuracy, and integrity.


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Our ACLS Certification course is designed to deliver the best online certification experience that can accompany your busy schedule.

  • Start When Ready -- No Time Limit -- Available 24/7
  • Finish in a Single Sitting or Save Your Progress and Return Later
  • Achieve a Passing Score –– 80% or Higher (40 Correct / 50 Total Questions)
  • Instant Exam Results & Unlimited Exam Retakes
  • No On-Site Skills Check Required
  • Digital ACLS Provider Card Available Immediately for Download
  • 8.0 AMA, ANCC, ACPE or ADA CME Credits Available

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ACLS Certification

As many healthcare professionals know, there are various certifications and licenses within the healthcare industry that help prove certain individuals are adequately trained and capable of providing certain healthcare services or procedures. These certifications and licensures can be required by local or federal regulations, employers, or certain healthcare facilities. One of the most common and important certifications for healthcare professionals is an ACLS certification - but what is ACLS certification exactly?

An ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification is essentially a more advanced version of a BLS (Basic Life Support) certification. It builds upon the BLS fundamentals and places a bit more emphasis on cardiovascular health emergencies. The ACLS exam also covers several algorithms, which act as flowcharts for various medical procedures related to cardiac care.

In the past, healthcare professionals seeking out their ACLS certification would have had to find an in-person course that aligned with their schedule and attend one or multiple sessions to review course materials, algorithms, and other relevant information for the exam, in addition to an in-person skills assessment. Today’s healthcare workers are busy individuals who may not have the time or energy outside of work to sign up for a class and attend multiple lectures or seminars to prepare for a certification exam.

Thankfully, nowadays there are several organizations that offer ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification services online, which can be hugely convenient for healthcare professionals who work long, strenuous, and oftentimes inconvenient hours. And because the courses are offered completely online, these courses do not include an in-person skill assessment portion of the exam. Many ACLS online courses also provide all the course materials you will need to study and prepare for the exam, in addition to ACLS test practice and other helpful guidance. The online nature of certification and recertification can be a great benefit to healthcare professionals in need of getting certified, and in this post, we’ll discuss in greater detail what those benefits are and how they can work for you.

Benefits of ACLS Certification

There are numerous benefits of ACLS certification for healthcare professionals, facilities, and especially patients. The obvious and most important benefit is that ACLS certification can potentially help save lives in the midst of a medical emergency. The ACLS certification exam covers a wide range of coronary issues and healthcare procedures designed to stabilize or resuscitate a patient after suffering a cardiopulmonary episode.

An ACLS certification course can prepare healthcare professionals to provide care for a suspected stroke, opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies, adult tachycardia, adult bradycardia, adult acute coronary syndromes, and more. However, many new healthcare professionals might be nervous about getting their ACLS certification online partly due to the volume and complexity of material that ACLS certification courses cover. Additionally, because there are numerous organizations that offer these online ACLS courses, knowing how to find the best online ACLS course can be stressful as well.

One of the main benefits of online ACLS certification is its convenience. As mentioned before, most healthcare professionals likely already work hectic schedules in stressful environments where life literally hangs in the balance every day. The last thing most of these individuals want to do with their time away from work is search for an in-person certification course that can take an entire day or more to complete.

Taking a self-guided online course means you can go at your own pace. People taking the course for the very first time may want to thoroughly study the course materials and put together their own study materials. For those familiar with the material who are simply trying to get their certification renewed, it may make more sense to breeze through the course and exam to get their ACLS recertification done as quickly as possible. Once course-takers pass their exam, their ACLS certification will be active immediately and will remain valid for two years.

ACLS Certification Cost

One of the more frustrating things about certifications is that they can be expensive, especially if your employer requires multiple certifications or licenses – on top of already having to pay for nursing or medical school. Luckily, ACLS certification cost is fairly affordable, and there are even cheap ACLS certification programs people can sign up for online. Organizations like eMedCert offer affordable ACLS certification and recertification courses at only a fraction of the cost of other providers – especially those offering in-person or classroom courses.

With eMedCert, the ACLS certification price is only $169, while our ACLS renewal price is $119.

The other cost that often gets overlooked is the time it will take a course-taker to complete the requirements of the course and pass the exam. For healthcare professionals seeking their ACLS certification for the first time, it’s likely going to take much longer than the seasoned healthcare veteran who has taken the course multiple times before and only needs to get recertified. Thankfully, online certification and recertification courses offer flexibility that in-person courses do not.

eMedCert’s online ACLS courses provide all the necessary ACLS course material. They can be downloaded and/or printed, or simply viewed in PDF form with a personal computer, tablet, or mobile device. Additionally, course-takers are afforded as much preparation time as they need before taking the final exam, and you can retake the exam as many times as it takes to receive a passing grade.

Once an individual has comprehensively reviewed the course material and passed the final exam, they receive a digital copy of their certification that can be downloaded immediately in addition to a physical copy that will be shipped. All of these features and for only $169 with eMedCert – that’s considerably less than what people are paying for in-person certification courses.

ACLS Renewal

Because ACLS certifications are only valid for two years, individuals will have to renew ACLS certification every twenty-four months. In the past, this meant having to look several weeks or months ahead in advance to find an in-person course that would provide ACLS renewal services before the actual expiration date listed on the certificate. Now, thanks to online certification providers like eMedCert, healthcare professionals can simply find an ACLS recertification course to renew their ACLS credentials affordably and in very little time.

eMedCert strives to be the best online ACLS recertification provider, and we are committed to becoming one of the most trusted and recognized online certification providers within the healthcare industry. eMedCert’s ACLS recertification course adheres to the most recent AHA standards, and they’ve partnered with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and the California Board of Registered Nursing. Course materials are also subjected to recurring audits from third-party clinical organizations, regulatory agencies, and an internal team of healthcare professionals to ensure accuracy, standards, and regulations compliance, as well as integrity.

Thanks to eMedCert and companies like them, online ACLS renewal can be straightforward, fast, and simple. Training and course materials are evidence-based and adhere to healthcare industry best practices. Additionally, eMedCert’s ACLS certification and recertification materials are composed and maintained by several board-certified physicians with related expertise in anesthesiology and emergency medical procedures.

For healthcare professionals who need to get their ACLS recertification, online courses may be the best option in terms of convenience and affordability. Most online courses have materials available 24/7 and no time restrictions as it relates to study preparation or taking the exam itself – and course-takers can begin the exam from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

ACLS Certification for Nurses

We have discussed a fair amount about what an ACLS certification can do and what it’s for, but we have not yet touched on the specifics of who needs to be ACLS certified. An ACLS certification is generally required for any healthcare professionals in charge of overseeing or responding to cardiovascular emergencies, including nurses. That having been said, any ACLS certification course will do - there are no specific courses titled ACLS certification for nurses (or ACLS certification for LPN).

ACLS for healthcare providers and ACLS for healthcare professionals can help save lives. Whether you are a young healthcare professional just starting your career or a lifelong nurse trying to find a recertification solution that’s fast, affordable, and incredibly convenient, companies like eMedCert have you covered. Online courses are designed with busy healthcare professionals in mind, so you can progress through the material at a pace that makes sense to you and not has to worry about falling behind an instructor or your peers. eMedCert’s online certification and recertification courses also include self-assessment questions throughout the course material which can help users feel more confident about their knowledge before taking the final exam.

The self-guided learning model puts the power in your hands. If you want to take your time thoroughly reviewing the 80+ pages of interactive training materials, you’re free to. You can make flashcards, study with friends or coworkers, and take the exam when you feel like you are adequately prepared. If you don’t pass the first time, fret not – eMedCert allows users to retake the exam as many times as necessary. Individuals can take the exam immediately after signing up or pace themselves and do a little bit each day – all from the comfort of their own homes.