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Getting your ACLS Recertification is easier than ever before when you renew online with eMedCert! Our flexible, convenient, and affordable courses are designed with the demanding lifestyle of today's healthcare professionals in mind. Sign up now and complete your ACLS Renewal course in as little as 1-2 hours!


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The eMedCert Online ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Recertification course is built specifically for the demanding lifestyle required of 21st-century medical students and healthcare professionals. Our 100% online course gives you control of your ACLS Certification – take it when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. Complete your course with efficiency from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Credible and Affordable ACLS Certification

Our Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training is accredited through our partnership with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) and also by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CA BRN). We provide AMA, ANCC, ACPE, and ADA continuing education credits, redeemable upon completion of the ACLS Recertification course.

eMedCert and our ACLS material undergo routine audits by regulatory organizations and 3rd-party clinical teams. Our internal medical team continuously works to ensure compliance, accuracy, and integrity.


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Our ACLS Recertification course is designed to deliver the best online certification experience that can accompany your busy schedule.

  • Start When Ready -- No Time Limit -- Available 24/7
  • Finish in a Single Sitting or Save Your Progress and Return Later
  • Achieve a Passing Score –– 80% or Higher (32 Correct / 40 Total Questions)
  • Instant Exam Results & Unlimited Exam Retakes
  • No On-Site Skills Check Required
  • Digital ACLS Provider Card Available Immediately for Download
  • 4.0 AMA, ANCC, ACPE or ADA CME Credits Available

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How to Renew Your ACLS Online

An Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course saves lives by preparing people to work in emergency situations. The program delivers standardized knowledge and skills on resuscitation to emergency first responders using a range of teaching techniques to help them treat patients experiencing cardiac emergencies. So naturally, it is an essential course for clinicians working in critical healthcare and community settings and also for firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs. When healthcare professionals take the ACLS course, it also significantly increases their confidence when handling these high-stress situations.

Online ACLS courses are alternatives to an in-person ACLS program and are becoming increasingly popular. They have been designed with the demands of 21st-century healthcare professionals in mind, where people frequently juggle several things at once. eMedCert is an approved and accredited ACLS online recertification course provider by the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and the California Board of Registered Nursing. In addition, our courses are routinely audited to check their accuracy and quality in line with other programs. As a clinician, you will understand the rationale for renewing your ACLS certification every two years — the evidence base and research change as new developments occur, and professionals need to retain their competency skills.

Once you register for an online ACLS recertification course, the materials are instantly available to you – and you’ll be able to access the program from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. So, if you are pressed for time, online ACLS courses can fit into your schedule and be completed whenever it suits you.

How to Renew Your ACLS Certification Online

Many emergency responders can complete an online ACLS refresher course. At eMedCert, our ACLS program was designed with busy clinicians in mind and provides healthcare professionals with credible education courses and certifications. Our online ACLS recertification course is ideal for anyone who needs to refresh their skills and has an employer that accepts fully online ACLS certifications.

All you need to do for an ACLS online renewal course is to sign up on the website. Once you create an account and pay for your course(s), you have immediate access to the educational material and exam. You can complete a course in as little as 1-2 hours, although some people take longer. There are no time restrictions whatsoever and you can come and go as you please, so you can fit the course in with your lifestyle and work schedule.

One common question about ACLS is the difference between an ACLS certification vs. ACLS recertification course. Essentially, the initial ACLS certification course is built for those who have never completed an ACLS course before, while an ACLS recertification course is for providers who have completed an ACLS course before (even if their certification has expired) and simply need to renew ACLS online.

Although there might be an ACLS renewal grace period for an expired certification, the online program helps you get certified quickly without having to wait for an opening at an in-person class. Another benefit of renewing your ACLS online is that it can be cheaper than a classroom-based course.

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What is ACLS Training?

ACLS training follows consistent guidelines and protocols both nationally and internationally. Although some employers require an AHA-certified ACLS course, many others accept online certificates like the eMedCert courses. The online program covers a standard curriculum that includes causes of cardiac arrest, basic arrhythmias, airway management, and how to resuscitate an adult. It also includes the emergency medication used in cardiac arrest, AED usage, and more. All of these are essential components of Advanced Cardiac Life Support training skills and are required by most employers in an emergency care setting.

Of course, you need to pass an exam in order to successfully complete an online ACLS course. Everything is managed entirely online, so the exam is as convenient as the course. When you are ready to take the exam, you simply click the button on your computer to begin. Once your course is complete, and you pass the exam, we will send out an industry-standard wallet-sized card. You'll also have immediate access to a digital version of your ACLS card that can be downloaded or printed to be used as evidence that you passed the course. You'll also be able to obtain your CME credits immediately after passing your ACLS test.

The Best Online ACLS Recertification

eMedCert provides an online platform for healthcare professionals that allows them to complete an ACLS course at their own pace while saving time and money. Our courses are developed by medical professionals who are constantly reviewing new research and teaching methods so we can provide a credible and enhanced online certification experience. The course material is written by board-certified clinicians with years of experience in the industry. You can start your course on a day off or even on a break, and you don't have to complete it in one go. Our course content is updated regularly to comply with changes in practice, the latest research, and the recognized national standards in resuscitation.

Our unmatched convenience allows you to complete your course how you want, and when you want. There's no expiration date for completing your online ACLS refresher. You can also save even more money by bundling your ACLS, PALS, and BLS certifications together!

Bundle & Save: Check out our ACLS, PALS, and BLS Bundle package! Sign up for an ACLS and PALS course and get a free BLS course!

Another advantage to studying online for your ACLS recertification is our support center, which is designed to help you with any questions about accessing the course and the material. We also have customer service reps available via phone or email to quickly answer any questions you might still have. There is also 24/7 access to the online renewal course, so you can complete it any time or day. Finally, if your employer does not accept your ACLS online certificate, all of our courses are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Always select the best online ACLS certification course available for your lifestyle and employment requirements. To do this, you'll need to check the standards offered by the education providers and register for the most appropriate course. This might sound obvious, but sometimes, people confuse an ACLS certification with a PALS certification or a BLS certification. For example, BLS skills are the basic fundamentals of resuscitation, while ACLS skills build upon those with more sophisticated skills and algorithms. Therefore, basic life support skills are integrated within the ACLS course as a core resuscitation element, but there is a clear difference between the two.

ACLS Renewal FAQ

What else would you like to know about the online ACLS recertification courses and whether they suit your needs? We have listed a few of the most common questions below, but please feel free to contact us if you have other queries.

1. Is an ACLS Update the Same As a Renewal?

When you book your ACLS recertification course, check the wording carefully. Some people confuse an ACLS update with a renewal, as interchangeable wording is often used. An ACLS update looks similar but could be a webinar on updates to algorithms, for example. Using a reputable company gives you confidence that the online ACLS renewal online course you have selected is a recognized and certified ACLS course.

2. Is the ACLS Exam Online?

An essential element of ACLS training is the exam designed to test your knowledge and skills. Students often ask if the ACLS exam is online and particularly how it will be formatted. When you book your ACLS recertification online, your exam is included and takes place at the end of your course. All you do is click the button on the web page when you are ready to take it, and you also get a certificate after passing. Your CME points are also included.

3. Can I Renew My ACLS If It Has Expired?

We often get asked whether you can renew an ACLS certification if it is expired. The short answer is yes, you can. If you have previously completed an ACLS certification or ACLS recertification course, regardless of its current expiration status, you are eligible to enroll in the ACLS recertification course. Even if your previous certification has been expired for weeks, months, or even years, you still only need to take the recertification course. Proof of your previous certification is not required in order to sign up for our online ACLS renewal course.

4. Can ACLS Recertification Be Completed Online?

Our ACLS program is conducted entirely online. Both the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and the California Board of Registered Nurses have accredited our course, and the material has been written by medical professionals. As a result, healthcare professionals can have confidence in the quality of the content. We're proud that many emergency responders succeed in completing our course each year and go on to use their skills in clinical practice.