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How do I download my BLS PDF?

Once you have registered for an eMedCert BLS course, you are able to download the BLS PDF included with all BLS courses by following the steps below.

If you are already signed in to your eMedCert account:

Click on your name, then select Dashboard from the drop-down menu.

Support | BLS PDF Download 01

Skip ahead to the Navigate into your BLS course step.

If you are not signed in to your eMedCert account:

On the eMedCert website, select Sign In near the top right corner

Support | BLS PDF Download 02

Enter the Email Address and Password associated with your eMedCert account, then select Login

Support | BLS PDF Download 03

Below Current Courses, select the red Launch or Review button that corresponds with your BLS course

Support | BLS PDF Download 04

Trigger the BLS PDF download

On the right side of the screen, below the horizontal blue Progress bar, find BLS PDF and click the Download button

Support | BLS PDF Download 05

The PDF will automatically download to your computer, and/or will open in a separate browser tab.

Last updated on November 08, 2021

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