25 Facebook Pages EMS Professionals Should Follow

A comprehensive list of the most valuable EMS-related Facebook Pages that support career development.

It takes a special type of person to work in the field of emergency medical services (EMS). When these individuals make the decision to dedicate their time and efforts to EMS, they are entering a career full of difficult situations where they are often the sole factor between life and death. They are entering a culture of limited free time and leisure; a life full of incomparable stress and responsibility. These individuals are not merely aware of the circumstances attached to being an EMS professional – they embrace them.

But why? It’s certainly not for the payor the fame – neither of which are likely to come. It’s not for the perks, nor the stability – both of which are limited. So why then? Why dedicate their lives and sacrifice so much for others when so little is promised in return? For this, I’ll turn to Nate Dionne, an EMT from South Carolina, who told The Art of Manliness he became an EMT, “because I felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself, something important, and because I was giving back.” Ask any EMS professional and you’re likely to get a similar answer: to make a difference.

25 Facebook Pages EMS Professionals S...

The little free time EMS workers have is typically spent as any other individual would. One phenomenon that continues to absorb an increasing percentage of our time is Facebook. The social media website’s astronomical rise from a Harvard dorm room to the world’s largest social network and multi-billion dollar company it is today has been incredibly well documented. I’m even guessing you (along with 1.3 billion others) already have a personal profile that you use on a regular basis to connect with friends and share interesting stories. I won’t waste your time detailing what Facebook is and what it offers to your personal life. This article, on the other hand, is intended to show you just how much Facebook can offer your professional life – an aspect of Facebook that too many people continue to overlook.

A great tool for EMT workers to exploit is Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages, not to be confused with personal profiles, offer a premium outlet for businesses, brands, or organizations to present their product or service on one of the most powerful social media platforms available. Fortunately, there are already several EMS-related Pages that offer plenty of valuable information to help with your career.

Here are 25 Facebook Pages that all EMS Workers should "Like":

*List is in alphabetical order

1. A Medic’s World

2. American Heart Association – CPR & First Aid

3. American Red Cross

4. CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response

5. Emergency life

6. Emergency Medical Services

7. EMS Blogs

8. EMS Emergency Medical Services

9. EMS Today Conference & Expo

10. EMS1

11. EMSWorld

  • https://www.facebook.com/EMSWorldFans

12. EMT Review

13. EMT/Paramedic

14. EMTLife

15. EMTs and Paramedics

16. FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

17. High-Performance EMS

18. JEMS – Emergency Medical Services

19. MedicTests.com

20. Paramedics on Facebook

21. Prehospital 12-Lead ECG Blog

22. Street Medic

23. The EMS Professional

24. The Fire Critic

25. The Paramedic’s Edge

This list was constructed by the eMedCert team and is intended to provide those individuals who work in the EMS field with 25 separate Facebook pages that offer the most beneficial information for career development. The methodology behind the selections was geared to select Pages that offer the most value to all EMS professions, not one specific EMS profession. A variety of factors (i.e. frequency of posts, the value of information shared, level of discussion/engagement, etc.) factored into the selection process.

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