12 House M.D. Quotes (Turned Into Hilarious Motivational Posters)

Dr. Gregory House is one of the greatest television characters of all time, but motivational advice isn't exactly his specialty. Enjoy our creative House M.D. motivational posters and have a laugh!

House M.D. is one of the most popular medical shows of all time. Dr. House is never afraid to speak his mind and entertains viewers with a slew of witty, sarcastic comments. Over time, he has become one of the most beloved characters in the history of medical television shows. He may be antisocial and offensive, but there’s nothing that will stop Dr. House from cracking the case and saving a patient’s life.

There’s a long list of adjectives that could adequately describe the infamous Dr. House Unorthodox? Definitely. Brilliant? Yes. Unsympathetic? Sure.

Motivational? Not so much.

As a way to pay homage to House M.D. and add a little laughter into your life, our team at eMedCert decided to turn some classic House quotes into motivational posters. Take a look below and enjoy!

House M.D. Quotes As Motivational Posters

1. Have Gratitude!Gratitude - House Quotes

2. Not Equally WrongAccountability - House Quotes

3. Might As Well Smile!Optimism - House Quotes

4. Puppy TearsCompassion - House Quotes

5. Oxygen Is ImportantBreathe - House Quotes

6. Don't Take It PersonallyChoose Friends Wisely  - House Quotes

7. Distractions HappenFocus - House Quotes

8. Being Humble Is EasyHumbleness - House Quotes

9. A Fair ComparisonFaith - House Quotes

10. Dolphins Need Medical Care TooIndividuality - House Quotes

11. That's As Clear As I Can Make ItPerseverance - House Quotes

12. Sometimes You Just Need To Get AwayEscape - House Quotes

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