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Are your courses compliant with Joint Commission (JCAHO) standards?

All eMedCert course and examination materials are evidence-based and comply with JCAHO requirements. Our courses are based on and reconciled with the latest American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines, the latest peer-reviewed articles, and expert consensus guidelines.

The JCAHO Standards are defined under the Hospital Accreditation Standards (HAS) chapter "Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services" that relates to resuscitation services in Hospitals:

Standard PC.9.30 Resuscitation services are available throughout the hospital.

  • Policies, procedures, processes, or protocols govern the provision of resuscitation services.
  • Equipment is appropriate to the patient population.
  • Appropriate equipment is placed strategically throughout the hospital.
  • An evidence-based training program(s) is used to train appropriate staff to recognize the need for and use of designated equipment and techniques in resuscitation efforts.

Statement from the Joint Commission's Standards and Interpretations Group:

"Current standard PC.02.01.11 EP 4 requires that an evidence-based training program is used to train staff to recognize the need for and use of resuscitation equipment and techniques. It does not limit organizations to only the Red Cross or American Heart Association, although those are two of the better known programs. The specific requirement is that the program chosen is evidence-based."

All eMedCert course and examination materials meet these requirements.

Last updated on October 15, 2021

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