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Are you looking for the right ACLS course for you? Our online ACLS course offers unbeatable convenience and affordability. Uncover the ins and outs of our ACLS certification and ACLS recertification courses, including course structure, cost, accreditation, and much more. Learn essential lifesaving skills and get ACLS certified today!


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The eMedCert Online ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Recertification course is built specifically for the demanding lifestyle required of 21st-century medical students and healthcare professionals. Our 100% online course gives you control of your ACLS Certification – take it when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. Complete your course with efficiency from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Credible and Affordable ACLS Certification

Our Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training is accredited through our partnership with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) and also by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CA BRN). We provide AMA, ANCC, ACPE, and ADA continuing education credits, redeemable upon completion of the ACLS Recertification course.

eMedCert and our ACLS material undergo routine audits by regulatory organizations and 3rd-party clinical teams. Our internal medical team continuously works to ensure compliance, accuracy, and integrity.


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Online ACLS Recertification Details

Our ACLS Recertification course is designed to deliver the best online certification experience that can accompany your busy schedule.

  • Start When Ready -- No Time Limit -- Available 24/7
  • Finish in a Single Sitting or Save Your Progress and Return Later
  • Achieve a Passing Score –– 80% or Higher (32 Correct / 40 Total Questions)
  • Instant Exam Results & Unlimited Exam Retakes
  • No On-Site Skills Check Required
  • Digital ACLS Provider Card Available Immediately for Download
  • 4.0 AMA, ANCC, ACPE or ADA CME Credits Available

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ACLS Course

An Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course is a critical component of healthcare practitioners' ongoing professional development. This comprehensive program revolves around the advanced techniques involved in managing cardiopulmonary emergencies, including, but not limited to, cardiac arrest, acute coronary syndromes, stroke, and other life-threatening cardiovascular conditions.

An ACLS course equips professionals with lifesaving skills and boosts their confidence in high-stakes, high-risk medical situations. Furthermore, integrating Basic Life Support (BLS) with ACLS is seamless, as an ACLS course is essentially an extension of the BLS course.

Like two sides of the same coin, BLS and ACLS are interconnected. BLS forms the fundamental foundation upon which ACLS is built. This interconnection underlines the importance of a BLS/ ACLS course, both of which offer a comprehensive understanding of heart-related emergency support systems.

The integration of BLS with ACLS is central to the curriculum, ensuring healthcare providers are proficient in the advanced techniques taught in ACLS and the more basic yet no less critical BLS training. There can be a degree of flexibility regarding course delivery methods.

While some students may prefer traditional in-person ACLS classes, others might opt for digital alternatives that offer a more flexible timeline and are structured to fit their schedules. From the material covered to the hands-on skills sessions, the classes cater to learners of all styles, ensuring they fully understand the ACLS certification requirements and the knowledge needed to pass an ACLS class.

ACLS certification is built around a specific ACLS course description designed to equip health professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary for managing cardiopulmonary emergencies effectively. This knowledge includes understanding and responding to several life-threatening conditions, including:

  • Cardiovascular emergencies
  • Stroke
  • ACS
  • Other scenarios that require advanced cardiac life support

Through these courses, medical professionals can enhance their decision-making and problem-solving capabilities, enabling them to provide better emergency medical care. Our staff routinely audits our ACLS, PALS, and BLS online classes to maintain the highest standards. These audits ensure the accuracy and quality of the ACLS course material, making it relevant and current. Our ACLS course structure is designed to allow easy understanding and absorption of complex concepts.

Also, unlike some other providers, eMedCert courses are based entirely upon our very own ACLS provider manual, which is included with all courses free of charge. Experts in the field created this in-depth manual to provide comprehensive and up-to-date content aligned with ACLS protocol.

An ACLS course substantially benefits healthcare providers in terms of skill enhancement and the potential to provide superior patient care. With rigorous quality checks, flexible course delivery options, and a curriculum DNA that includes both BLS and ACLS training, it's a program tailored to equip health professionals with the knowledge to tackle cardiovascular emergencies effectively.

Ultimately, this leads to better patient outcomes, an enhanced professional profile, and a sense of preparedness that inspires confidence in life-or-death situations.

Structure and Contents of the ACLS Course

As the digital era permeates even the most traditional fields, such as healthcare, convenience and accessibility have never been more crucial. Our Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course, designed for healthcare professionals, breaks the geographical constraints of traditional training. It offers a robust online ACLS curriculum, allowing participants to fulfill continuing education requirements from their homes or workplaces.

Elegant in combining online flexibility and rigorous standards, an ACLS course offered through the eMedCert platform bears the seal of meticulous auditing. Our in-house staff and third-party accreditors consistently scrutinize course contents and materials to ensure the exceedance of quality benchmarks.

The course's full-bodied content is a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving the instructional integrity of the coursework. This approach ensures that our online ACLS course mirrors the precision and rigor synonymous with traditional esteemed entities.

Like any reputable academic endeavor, our ACLS course possesses a robust structure. A blend of informative teaching and active learning, our course offers modules covering key advanced cardiovascular life support techniques. These modules are fortified with an ACLS course book, a vital tool for comprehensively understanding the ACLS material.

Should you need a firmer grip on the subject, the ACLS course manual elevates your learning journey, offering a more in-depth exploration of ACLS content. The manual elaborates on critical concepts clearly and concisely, helping you navigate the curriculum easily amid the hustle and bustle of your healthcare career.

Wide accessibility is one of the cornerstones of an ACLS course, and our ACLS online variation is vivid proof. The structure of an ACLS course online offers the same knowledge as its physical counterpart. It maintains the same high quality and rigorous ACLS standards while offering many additional benefits, including 24/7 accessibility and the freedom to work at your own pace.

This digital immersion ensures that an ACLS course is more than just a certification — it is a credible, convenient pathway to enhancing your medical expertise in order to save lives. Our ACLS course's allure lies in its contents and the ever-rooted structure that makes learning an enriching journey, not a burden. With its rich selection of resources—including an ACLS study guide—this course injects knowledge straight into the bloodstream of your career, promising to keep your competencies in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support feverishly beating.

Preparing for an ACLS Course

Are you wondering how to prepare for ACLS course material and expectations?

Gearing up for an ACLS class online doesn't start in a classroom or a digital forum. It begins with an understanding of the rudiments and a comprehensive self-review of the required skills, and this is where ACLS training videos come into play. These audiovisual materials provide a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of each component within an ACLS course. They serve as broad, invaluable preparatory tools, efficiently buttressing the concepts to be tackled within the course.

See eMedCert’s YouTube channel for more ACLS, PALS, and BLS videos.

Compiling an exhaustive knowledge base is paramount to effectively prepare for an ACLS course. One practical way to build this is by utilizing an ACLS Provider Manual. This manual delineates the course's content, discussed in an easy-to-understand manner and rich with comprehensive explanations of terms, conditions, and standardized procedures. This guide provides a handy resource for readers, providing clarity on complex procedures and equipping them for the very comprehensive nature of an ACLS course.

Like the cornerstone of a majestic building complex provides a crucial foundation, so does an ACLS course pretest, which serves as a litmus test and preparatory assessment for candidates needing an ACLS certificate. Engaging in some form of ACLS test practice for an ACLS course establishes a benchmark for discerning your knowledge gaps. This serves as an avenue to revisit, revise, and reinforce your understanding of the ACLS concepts.

This helps fortify one's knowledge bank, assuring confidence and readiness for the full scale of an ACLS course. The importance of the ACLS skills review can't be understated. In healthcare, practical applicability and knowledge execution reign supreme over mere theoretical understanding. To this end, our course has been strategically constructed to align with the latest standards, empowering students with the skills to swiftly and efficiently respond to cardiovascular emergencies.

These skills are nurtured, honed, and tested throughout the course, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for real-life situations.

With suitable materials, precise direction, a comprehensive review, and adequate test preparation, you are well on your way to ACLS certification. By engaging in active preparation and leveraging these avenues, you will gain a deep understanding of the ACLS course content, paving the way for successful completion so that you can have a significant impact on patients' lives.

Our online ecosystem has evolved into a quintessential space for maximizing knowledge adaptation and bolstering expertise. Within this framework, medical professionals are presented with the opportunity to augment their knowledge base and skill sets further.

Duration and Cost of an ACLS Course

Access to an online ACLS certification course fits seamlessly into this modern learning trend. Healthcare providers prioritizing continued education and certification maintenance will find value in the course's duration and cost.

ACLS Certification Cost: With eMedCert, the ACLS certification price is only $169, while our ACLS renewal price is $119.

Regarding ACLS duration, on average, eMedCert’s ACLS certification course takes roughly 3-4 hours to complete, while our ACLS recertification course takes closer to 1-2 hours. That being said, these times can vary significantly from customer to customer, as our courses are entirely self-guided and do not contain any time restrictions. This nuanced specification and pedagogy, designed to meet the education needs of medical professionals, incorporate the most innovative, clinically relevant content and evidence-based practices into a consolidated time frame.

When considering the duration and cost of the ACLS course, continuous learning may seem like a challenging financial commitment. This is why we are committed to offering the cheapest online ACLS course price among reputable online ACLS providers.

Scholars and professionals should not underplay the worth of lifesaving skills compared to the price of an ACLS course. Considering the cost of an ACLS course, the return on investment substantially subdues the financial commitment. Lifesaving skills, operational cognizance, and adaptive strategies fostered by our demanding curriculum offer a gratifying professional and personal return.

The convenience of online courses can assuage apprehensions regarding how long an ACLS course is. These courses are structured to accommodate the busy schedules of healthcare providers. Many professionals frequently deliberate on how much an ACLS course is. It is essential to perceive this monetary expense as an investment in your career advancement, and the value rests not only in financial terms but also in the enrichment of knowledge and skills.

In conclusion, the duration and cost of an ACLS course are fractional, considering the significance of the knowledge transference, the potential to improve outcomes in critical scenarios, and the professional enrichment it offers. It is a vital resource with the latest ACLS guidelines and a competency-driven curriculum. Similar to how a well-oiled machine operates optimally, a well-informed medical professional equipped with ACLS certification is an asset to any emergency medical care team.

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