7 Benefits Of Getting Your PALS Recertification Online

Posted by Adam Rapp | PALS

Jan 6, 2020

Online PALS Recertification courses are a quick, convenient way to stay compliant with your Pediatric Advanced Life Support requirements.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is a particular set of skills and procedures geared to enhance the quality of care provided to children in emergency situations. Nowadays, a majority of hospitals and medical practices require certain staff members to pass a course that allows them to receive their PALS certification. On top of the initial completion of a PALS Certification course, these individuals must complete a PALS Recertification course every two years in order to retain their certificate.

In the past, all forms of PALS Recertification courses required applicants to attend an in-person, instructor-directed class over the course of two days. These traditional courses had a tendency to be relatively monotonous and time-consuming; rather counterintuitive to the frantic lifestyle most healthcare professionals endure. Fortunately, many medical institutions now allow employees to receive their recertification online from a variety of sites that offer PALS Certification and Recertification courses.


Benefits of Getting Your PALS Recertification Online | eMedCert


There are many advantages to receiving your PALS Recertification online that make it a worthwhile alternative to the classroom-based model. Here are just a few:


Work At Your Own Pace

The traditional in-person approach to Pediatric Advanced Life Support courses struggles to accommodate the assortment of learning styles and experience levels present in the classroom. As a student, it is difficult to apprehend the actual information being taught when you are stuck trying to reconstruct the way you learn. These issues are neutralized when you take your PALS Recertification course online thanks to the flexibility and adaptability they provide. With an online PALS course, you set the pace, and you decide how you learn.


Less Repetitive and Monotonous

Online PALS courses severely reduce the repetitiveness and monotony disbursed in an instructor-led course. This is especially true for recertification courses, which obviously implies that all participants have already passed the PALS Certification course and are reasonably familiar with the content. If that is the case, online courses don’t require you to waste time learning material you already know. In fact, if you are confident enough that you don’t need any refreshment, you are often able to simply sign up and begin your exam without any unnecessary instruction.

Set Your Own Schedule

Free time is a scarcity for most of us. Finding an in-person PALS course at a specific time and date to meet the needs of your busy schedule can be a daunting task. Fitting an online course into your schedule, however, is just a click of the button away and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the time you register to passing your exam, you can complete your online PALS course on your time, at your pace.


Saves Time

According to their website, the American Heart Association’s (AHA) PALS class is a two-day course that takes, “14 hours 10 minutes, plus additional time for breaks and lunch.” That also fails to account for the time spent traveling to and from the location of the course. Online PALS Recertification courses, on the other hand,  can be completed in as little as 1-2 hours!


Saves Money

All sites that offer an online PALS Recertification course will differ in terms of their pricing. That having been said, almost all will offer a cheaper price than the classroom-based counterpart. Make sure the website you use to complete your recertification adheres to the latest AHA standards and is accepted by your employer before purchasing, or at least will accommodate you if your employer will not accept an online course. For example, eMedCert offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee should any problems arise during your course.

Complete From Any Location

Another factor that contributes to the convenient flexibility of online PALS courses is the fact that it can be completed from any location, as long as you have an Internet connection. Take it at work, take it at home, take it anywhere you want – there are no location restrictions when taking your PALS course online.


Less Stress

Between the hassle-free signup, the ability to personalize your instruction, and the absence of extraneous restrictions, there are significantly lower stress levels associated with online PALS Recertification courses as compared to the traditional on-site method. In addition to the simplicity surrounding matters outside of the material and exam itself, taking (and passing) the actual course tends to be more relaxed as well. This is not to say the material is easier – you’ll be learning the same procedures and techniques taught in traditional PALS courses. However, the typical pressure, time-constraints, and nuisances that accompany any classroom-based model are eliminated when you can work when you want, where you want, and how you want.


Don’t let getting your PALS renewal be another headache that adds to the complexity of your already hectic schedule. Embrace the convenience of an online PALS Recertification course from the comfort of your own home – you won’t regret it.


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