What To Do When Your PALS Certification Has Expired?

Posted by Adam Rapp | PALS

Aug 19, 2019

Did your PALS Certification expire? Not to worry, this is what you need to do:

So, you let your Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification expire and aren’t quite sure of the best way to get a new one – sound about right? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that you’re not alone. Whether you’re changing jobs or simply forgot to get recertified, there are many individuals just like you with an expired PALS certification and a handful of questions on what to do next.

The first step is to not panic – this article will have an answer to your questions. You’ll soon realize that getting your PALS recertification is now easier than ever before. And more importantly, as long as you’re able to obtain your PALS Certification online, you can be PALS certified again within just a few hours.


What To Do When Your PALS Certification Has Expired? | eMedCert


Now let’s get to some of those questions.


If my previous PALS certification has expired, do I need to take a PALS Certification or a PALS Recertification course?


This is the most common question we get regarding an expired PALS certification. Simply put, you will only need to take a PALS Recertification course. As long as you have taken an initial PALS Certification course at some point in time – even if that certification has since expired – you will only need to take the recertification course. Essentially, an expired PALS Certification means the certification you previously obtained is no longer active. However, that does not mean you need to obtain a new PALS Certification, you merely need to renew your old one – hence the ‘recertification’ course.


Does the amount of time my previous certification has been expired for make a difference on which course to take?


No. Whether your certification expired yesterday or has been expired for several years, you will only need to take the PALS Recertification course.


If I completed my initial PALS Certification with a different company, am I still able to take your PALS Recertification course?


Yes. We do not require that your initial PALS Certification be completed with us in order to qualify for our recertification course. As long as you have received your PALS Certification from any approved PALS provider, you will be eligible to sign up for our PALS Recertification course.


Do I need to provide proof of being previously certified in order to be eligible for a recertification course?


No. You are able to register for our PALS Recertification course immediately.


If you are not required to take an in-person AHA course, and need to complete your PALS Recertification course quickly, sign up today by selecting the button below. If you still have any questions, we invite you to visit our Support Center, or contact our Support Team