How To Choose an Online BLS Certification Course

Choosing a BLS Course? Learn how to find the best online BLS course for your needs in this complete guide. Compare cost, course materials, bundles & more.

Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is required for most nurses and many other individuals in both medical and non-medical fields. BLS certification, which you will be required to renew every two years, will equip you with the skills you need to act in the event of a cardiac emergency.

A typical BLS certification course will cover all of the basic information you need to know for the exam, including essential BLS algorithms, how to identify different cardiac emergencies, and to effectively adapt to different situations. Completing the entire course will usually take about 4-5 hours, though this can vary depending on the speed you work and the amount of knowledge you have at the beginning of the course.

If you go online and search for the best online BLS course, you quickly discover that there are many different options available. With more than 1 million nurses actively working in the United States—and with each of these professionals needing to update their certification every 24 months, it’s no surprise that online BLS certification courses have become more popular.

Rather than arbitrarily choosing a course, you should take the time to compare the various options that are currently available. In this guide, we will discuss some of the many details to be looking for when comparing your options. By spending just half an hour researching, you can be much more confident that the BLS certification course you choose is the right choice for you.

International Acceptance

One of the most valuable things to look for when comparing online BLS options is international acceptance. Even if you do not plan on moving or practicing in a different country over the course of the next few years, you never know where your career might take you. By choosing an internationally accepted option, you can avoid the need to prematurely renew your certification in the event that a new opportunity arises.

Money-Back Guarantee

In the digital era, most employers and agencies accept online basic life support certification. However, there are still occasionally a few situations where—for whatever reason—the online option will not be considered valid. Though these situations are rare, you will still want to choose a BLS certification program that offers a money-back guarantee. If you are unsure whether online certifications are accepted at your current place of employment, consider speaking directly with your employer.

How To Choose an Online BLS Certifica...


The most affordable Basic Life Support (BLS) certification programs will cost around $90. This cost covers the proof of certification, all related course materials, and 4 CME credits. If you have already earned your BLS certification in the past and you are simply hoping to renew your certification, then you should be able to become recertified for about $60. Recertification courses typically only offer 2 CME credits. If the courses you are looking at cost more than the prices above, you should probably consider looking elsewhere.

Course Materials

When taking your BLS certification exam, you will not only want to have course material that will help you pass the exam, but you will also want to choose a program that will prepare you to act if a cardiac event does occur. Make sure that the course materials available are thorough and directly applicable to your ordinary course of work. When a cardiac event inevitably does occur, you’ll be glad you choose a program that helped you fully understand the material.

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Exam Type

Usually, a BLS certification or BLS recertification exam will be administered using a multiple-choice format. A passing score on these exams will usually be around 75 or 80 percent. Choose a course that allows you to start and stop the exam at your convenience. You should also choose a course that allows you to use practice exams for preparation and allows you to take the exam until you’ve achieved a passing score.

Proof of BLS Certification

Once you have completed your BLS certification or recertification exam, you will likely need to give your employer (or other relevant parties) proof that you’ve completed the course. The best courses will give you a digital copy of the card that you can print immediately after the exam has been completed. A hard copy of the BLS card will usually arrive in the mail a few days later.

Availability of Group Options

If you are working in the medical industry, then you probably know plenty of other people that also need to renew their basic life support certification as well. In some cases, choosing a group BLS certification may be in your best interest. Whether group renewal is required by your employer or you and a few friends simply believe this is the superior option, choose an online option that allows you to work as a group.

Bundling BLS with PALS, ACLS, etc.

Basic Life Support is among the most common certifications required for medical professionals, but there are also several other similar certifications you may be required to pursue. Many professionals will also (or alternately) need to get Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and/or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification. In some cases, bundling multiple courses together can help you save both time and money.

Please visit our Bundle Page for more information on our ACLS, PALS, and BLS Bundles

Positive Reviews

Lastly, before choosing your online BLS course, take a few minutes to read reviews provided by previous users. This will not only help you confirm the legitimacy of the platform you are considering, but it will also help you get a better understanding of what taking the course might actually be like.

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If you are in the medical industry, there is a significant possibility that you will need to be certified to administer basic life support (BLS). Whether you are applying for BLS recertification or getting certified for the first time, be sure to use these guidelines when comparing the various online options available.

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