Top 10 Children’s Hospitals on Facebook

Ranking the Facebook pages of the top 10 children’s hospitals in the United States by calculating a comprehensive score based on several performance categories.

In June, U.S. News and Health Report released their annual Honor Roll rankings that listed the top 10 children’s hospitals in the United States. While all children’s hospitals deserve constant praise for the magnitude of their importance, these 10 hospitals are the best of the best when it comes to providing care to children in need:


1. Boston Children's Hospital

1. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

3. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

4. Texas Children's Hospital

5. Children's Hospital Los Angeles

6. Children’s Hospital Colorado

7. Nationwide Children's Hospital

8. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

9. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

10. Johns Hopkins Children's Center


In addition to their unparalleled work inside the hospital, these prominent medical centers also excel on another front – social media. And in an age where social media has become an invaluable facet of digital marketing, no platform has been more influential than Facebook. The illustrious social network allows hospitals to expand their reach like never before.


Many hospitals remain tentative towards incorporating social media into their marketing strategy, but these acclaimed hospitals have proven that taking advantage of sites like Facebook can be an extremely powerful tool when used correctly. A positive Facebook presence not only encourages future patients to turn to that hospital in a time of need, but also fosters a sense of security and assurance to current patients and families as they endure a difficult situation.


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  Photo by: Jeremiah Owyang

Here is how these 10 hospitals compare to one another in terms of Facebook page effectiveness, and the method behind the rankings.




Each hospital is scored for their performance in 4 essential categories, based on statistics obtained from RivalIQ. Each individual category will account for 25% of the hospitals overall score. The hospital that ranks the highest in a particular category will receive 25 points, while the hospital that ranks 2nd will receive 24 points, 3rd will receive 23 points, and so on. The highest score possible is 100. The four categories are as follows:


Reach: Total Facebook Likes:

- The number of people that have ‘liked’ this hospital on Facebook.


Voice: Posts per Day:

- The average number of posts on hospital’s page per day over the last 30 days.


Engagement: Post Engagement Rate:

- The total number of interactions (likes, comments, and shares), per 1,000 page ‘likes’, of posts on hospital’s page over the last 30 days.


Chatter: People Talking About This:

- The number of people talking about this hospital on Facebook over the last 30 days.


1. Nationwide Children's Hospital - Columbus, OH



Total Facebook Likes: 172,040

Average Posts per Day: 1.48

Post Engagement Rate: 135.42

People Talking About This: 16,765



Reach: 2nd - 24 points

Voice: 3rd - 23 points

Engagement: 6th - 20 points

Chatter: 1st - 25 points


Overall Score: 92 points

2. Boston Children's Hospital - Boston, MA



Total Facebook Likes: 740,563

Average Posts per Day: 3.59

Post Engagement Rate: 51.07

People Talking About This: 13,224



Reach: 1st - 25 points

Voice: 1st - 25

Engagement: 9th - 17 points

Chatter: 2nd - 24 points


Overall Score: 91 points

2. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA



Total Facebook Likes: 74,626

Average Posts per Day: 2.52

Post Engagement Rate: 303.97

People Talking About This: 4,303



Reach: 3rd - 23 points

Voice: 2nd - 24 points

Engagement: 3rd - 23 points

Chatter: 5th - 21 points


Overall Score: 91 points

4. Children's Hospital of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA



Total Facebook Likes: 31,230

Average Posts per Day: 1.17

Post Engagement Rate: 334.52

People Talking About This: 4,685



Reach: 7th - 19 points

Voice: 6th - 20 points

Engagement: 2nd - 24 points

Chatter: 4th - 22 points


Overall Score: 85 points

5. Texas Children's Hospital - Houston, TX



Total Facebook Likes: 38,352

Average Posts per Day: 1.48

Post Engagement Rate: 294.04

People Talking About This: 2,537



Reach: 6th - 20 points

Voice: 3rd - 23 points

Engagement: 4th - 22 points

Chatter: 7th - 19 points


Overall Score: 84 points

6. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Cincinnati, OH



Total Facebook Likes: 49,423

Average Posts per Day: 1.14

Post Engagement Rate: 134.53

People Talking About This: 6,485



Reach: 4th - 22 points

Voice: 7th - 19 points

Engagement: 7th - 19 points

Chatter: 3rd - 23 points


Overall Score: 83 points

7. Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital - Chicago, IL



Total Facebook Likes: 24,074

Average Posts per Day: 1.47

Post Engagement Rate: 363.92

People Talking About This: 1,785



Reach: 9th - 17 points

Voice: 5th - 21 points

Engagement: 1st - 25 points

Chatter: 8th - 18 points


Overall Score: 81 points

8. Children's Hospital Colorado - Aurora, CO



Total Facebook Likes: 28,053

Average Posts per Day: 0.83

Post Engagement Rate: 238.3

People Talking About This: 2,690



Reach: 8th - 18 points

Voice: 9th - 17 points

Engagement: 5th - 21 points

Chatter: 6th - 20 points


Overall Score: 76 points

9. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA



Total Facebook Likes: 39,419

Average Posts per Day: 0.90

Post Engagement Rate: 56.65

People Talking About This: 1,347



Reach: 5th - 21 points

Voice: 8th - 18 points

Engagement: 8th - 18 points

Chatter: 9th - 17 points


Overall Score: 74 points

10. Johns Hopkins Children's Center - Baltimore, MD



Total Facebook Likes: 15,565

Average Posts per Day: 0.80

Post Engagement Rate: 49.66

People Talking About This: 408



Reach: 10th - 16 points

Voice: 10th - 16 points

Engagement: 10th - 16 points

Chatter: 10th - 16 points


Overall Score: 64 points

What to Learn From the Best of the Best


First and foremost, understand that these scores are solely based off each hospital’s relation to the other hospitals listed in U.S. News and Health Report’s top 10 list; they are not in relation to all children’s hospitals on Facebook. Do note that even the hospitals that placed lower on this list are still well ahead of the curb compared to the average children’s hospital’s Facebook page and are excellent examples of how hospitals can take advantage of social media.


These hospitals are not regarded as the best at what they do solely because of their Facebook page, but it would be a mistake to downplay the fact that their superior care inside the hospital is rivaled by their elite social media prowess – and don’t believe for a second that it is merely a coincidence.