Medical School Debt: How High Is Too High?

Posted by Adam Rapp | Healthcare News

Dec 8, 2014

Medical students debt
You knew medical school was pricy, but these numbers will shock you. Is it still worth it? Earlier this week, Dr. Richard Gunderman published an article on The Health Care Blog that shared the story of Melissa Chen, a 35-year-old radiology resident in her final year at the University of Texas San Antonio. While her road to medical sch...

What the 2014 Midterm Elections Mean for Obamacare

Posted by Adam Rapp | Healthcare News

Nov 30, 2014

Quotes on Obamacare
Revisiting some of the more memorable quotes on Obamacare throughout recent years, and what last month’s elections mean for the future of the Affordable Care Act. No aspect of the Affordable Care Act was directly up for vote during the 2014 Midterm Elections. However, the future of President Obama’s healthcare reform was undoubtedly a...

4 Reasons Why Your Patients Want You To Use EHRs

Posted by Adam Rapp | Healthcare Technology

Nov 17, 2014

Why Patients Want EHRs
There is plenty of motivation for hospitals and medical practices to turn to EHRs, but why do their patients want them to? If there was any uncertainty that the majority of patients do in fact prefer the use of Electronic Health Records to the traditional paper method, an ONC Survey was released this past week that will silence the...

What if House Quotes were Motivational Posters?

Posted by Adam Rapp | Healthcare Motivation

Nov 9, 2014

House quotes
Dr. Gregory House is one of the greatest television characters of all time, but motivational advice isn't exactly his specialty. We’ve all grown to love the eccentric behavior of Dr. Gregory House from the hit medical drama House M.D. Never afraid to speak his mind, Dr. House entertains viewers with a slew of witty, sarcastic comments th...

Top Tweets from #CHIME14

Posted by Adam Rapp | Healthcare News

Nov 2, 2014

This past weekend, healthcare CIO’s from around the country gathered in San Antonio to participate in the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) annual CHIME Fall CIO Forum. Proudly labeled as the, “premier event for healthcare CIO’s,” CHIME14 is both an educational and enjoyable experience that offers it’s partici...