7 Common Mistakes in Online Healthcare Marketing

Posted by Adam Rapp | Healthcare Marketing

May 14, 2018

7 Common Mistakes in Online Healthcare Marketing
Avoid these common marketing mistakes that your competitors are making and stay ahead of the curve.“Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate."    Those are the words of Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair and Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer for GE, who clearly has had her fair share of experience in marketing over the years...

How To Pass Your ACLS Certification Exam

Posted by Adam Rapp | ACLS

May 7, 2018

How To Pass ACLS Exam
A comprehensive review that includes what to study, how to study, and test-taking strategies that will prepare you to knock your ACLS exam out of the park. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is an essential aspect of emergency medical treatment. Most healthcare providers are required to get their ACLS Certification or Recertificatio...

BLS Practice Exam Questions and Answers

Posted by Adam Rapp | BLS Practice Exam

Apr 30, 2018

BLS Practice Exam Questions and Answers
This BLS pretest includes a comprehensive set of practice exam questions and answers that will help prepare you for the real thing! There is a lot that goes into studying for your Basic Life Support (BLS) Exam. Aside from the basic knowledge you must be familiar with, there are also specific algorithms to understand, medication...

How to Decide Which Nursing Specialty Is Best for You

Posted by Adam Rapp | Nursing

Apr 23, 2018

How to Decide Which Nursing Specialty Is Best for You | eMedCert
Have you decided to pursue a career in nursing, but are unsure what specialty suits you best? Find out by answering these general questions! This guest post was created by Sienna Walker. At eMedCert, we strongly encourage all forms of guest posting. If you are interested in publishing your work on the eMedCert blog, please contact our edito...

5 Tips for Retaining Patients Using Online Resources

Posted by Adam Rapp | Healthcare Technology

Apr 16, 2018

Tips for Retaining Patients Online | eMedCert
Gaining new patients is only the first step, now it’s time to make sure they come back. Implement these simple tips to improve your patient retention. In an age dominated by the constant influx of innovative marketing opportunities and stiff competition, medical practices spending the much of their time and money on attracting new patients ...