Top 10 Blog Articles Of 2016 – eMedCert

The 10 blog articles that attracted the most attention in 2016.

Top 10 Blog Articles Of 2016 – eMedCert

At the end of each year, we have released a post that lists our top 10 articles from the corresponding year. These articles are selected based on how they were received by our audience. We measure the number of shares, page views, and audience feedback to determine which particular posts generate the most buzz throughout the year.

So, with 2016 officially in the books, it’s time to take a look back on the 10 eMedCert blog articles that drew the most attention during the past 12 months.

* Listed in chronological order

1. Med School Interview Questions To Prepare For

1/5/2016 – The most common questions you’ll likely hear during your medical school interview.

2. 10 Scary Stats On Physician Burnout

1/11/2016 – Understanding the seriousness of physician burnout by looking at the numbers.

3. ACLS Algorithms You Need To Know

2/29/2016 – Here’s every ACLS Algorithm you need to be familiar with in order to pass your exam.

4. PALS Medications To Study

3/14/2016 – Every drug you need to know to pass your PALS exam.

5. Quotes About Nursing To Keep You Motivated

6/13/2016 – These motivational quotes about nursing are sure to raise your spirits in a time of need.

6. BLS Practice Exam Questions and Answers

7/18/2016 – Prepare yourself for your upcoming BLS exam with these practice questions and answers.

7. ACLS Drugs Video Review – Video

6/22/2016 – A short video showing the primary uses and dosages for the medications that will be on your ACLS exam.

8. Is An Online ACLS Certification Valid?

9/19/2016 – How to determine whether or not your employer will accept an online ACLS Certification.

9. Top 30 Instagram Accounts Every Nurse Should Follow

11/7/2016 – Our 30 favorite nursing-related Instagram accounts to follow.

10. 7 Great Gift Ideas For Nurses

12/12/16 – What to get your favorite nurse this holiday season.

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