Benefits Of Getting Your ACLS Certification Online

Posted by Adam Rapp | ACLS Video

Jul 16, 2018

Benefits Of Getting ACLS Certification Online | eMedCert
This short video walks you through the advantages you'll receive when you choose to complete your ACLS certification online. There are 3 key benefits that online ACLS Certification or Recertification courses have over in-person courses – convenience, flexibility, and cost. Gone are the days of spending hours upon hours inside an ol...

4 Main Traits Patients Want From Their Doctor

Posted by Adam Rapp | Medical Education

Jul 9, 2018

Traits Patients Want From Their Doctor
Maintaining a healthy doctor-patient relationship is a central component of health care - and it's impossible to do so without these four qualities. So much of this blog revolves around examining the healthcare spectrum from the point of view of someone working within the industry – physicians, nurses, healthcare marketers, etc. As a result...

What To Do When You’re Done With Clinical Work

Posted by Adam Rapp | Medical Jobs

Jul 2, 2018

Second Career Options For Medical Professionals
With burnout rates rising, many healthcare professionals are searching for a fresh start in a new medical career. Here are 7 great options to consider for a second career in the healthcare industry. This guest post was created by Tiffany Rowe. At eMedCert, we strongly encourage all forms of guest posting. If you are interested in publishing...

ACLS Drugs Video Review

Posted by Adam Rapp | ACLS Medications

Jun 18, 2018

ACLS Drugs Video Review | eMedCert
A short video that shows the primary uses and dosages for all of the medications that will be on your ACLS exam. There are several components of your Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) material that you will need to be familiar with in order to pass your exam. However, there might not be one that requires more studying and memorization...

Every PALS Acronym You Need To Know

Posted by Adam Rapp | PALS Acronyms

Jun 11, 2018

Every PALS Acronym You Need To Know
If you haven’t already memorized these, here’s a handy list of every PALS acronym and abbreviation you should keep readily available. Let’s face it – asking you to memorize every single PALS acronym out there is barely within the realm of possibility. At the very last, it’s impractical. Sure, you know most of them like the back of you...